Terms of sale

*There might be a slight variation in colouring, tone, grain, engraving from the pictures shown in our listing, due to the origin of the wood. Each board will be unique!

*All the personalizations will be engraved on the grooved side if your board has a juice groove. If you'd like to engrave on the backside, please leave your note in the "personalization" box.

*It is very important to double-check all the information that you submit to us. If the information for any line is missing, we will exclude that line.

*We use a laser engraver that burns the wood. The colour of the engraving varies depending on the piece of wood. Some boards may engrave slightly lighter or darker than the photo shows.

*Walnut is darker than maple. So the engravings on Walnut will not show as same as they do on maple ones. We use a laser engraver that burns the wood. This means on the darker wood the engraving will be more subtle.